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Indonesia Electric Vehicle Show | Smart Electric Pulse New Green Engine

On April 30th, the 2024 Indonesia Electric Vehicle Exhibition in Jakarta was grandly opened in Exhibition Hall B - C Arena JIEXPO Kemayoran. HIGO, one of the top-selling brands of connector harnesses in the electric motorcycle market, was also invited to participate in the show, bringing a variety of high-current and high-stability new products to the show.

As the largest electric vehicle industry event in Indonesia, a large number of enthusiastic visitors gathered as soon as it was opened. HIGO showed up at the exhibition with a variety of self-developed high-current and high-stability connectors, such as 1340, 1028, etc. These products won high attention and popularity in the electric motorcycle market of the stable multiple self-locking structures, labor-saving rail-assisted insertion and removal, and safe anti-lighter system ......, which demonstrated the deep accumulation and independent innovation capability of the HIGO brand in the field of connector technology research and development. It strongly demonstrates the HIGO brand's profound accumulation and independent innovation ability in the field of connector technology research and development.

With the deepening global consensus on sustainable development, the automobile and motorcycle industry is experiencing a green change from oil drive to electric drive. HIGO focuses on the huge potential and growth prospects of electric motorcycles and its related ecosystem in the Southeast Asia market and actively promotes the green transformation of the electric motorcycle industry chain.

As a pioneer and faithful practitioner of the green mobility concept, HIGO has not only established a solid market position in Southeast Asia, but also successfully set up sales networks in key markets such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States, and its global sales volume has demonstrated a steady trend and continued to rise, and it is committed to working with hundreds of millions of users around the globe to build a green and better mobility.

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