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Cycle China | Exploring the Infinite Possibilities of Connectivity and Leading the Innovation of Digital Intelligence in Displays

On May 5, 2024, the 32nd China International Bicycle Exhibition (CIBE) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC).

With the theme of "New Track - New Power - New Journey", the event not only builds an international platform for the global two-wheeled vehicle industry to have a comprehensive display and in-depth dialog but also signifies that the two-wheeled vehicle market has stepped into a brand new stage of development under the dual impetus of technology drive and green mobility trend.

Exploring the Infinite Possibilities of Connectivity

HIGO, as one of the exhibitors, made a stunning appearance at the exhibition with [ signal cable with the same OD, more functions and wider adaptability] [high-current battery cable with multiple solid locks and rail-assisted plugging and unplugging] [integrated panel with integrated routing and more convenient installation and maintenance] [battery cable with one female end adapted to multiple males to satisfy a variety of application scenarios] [dual-row cable with integrated cable that saves more space]. During the exhibition, HIGO's booth was crowded with people and the heat continued to rise.

HIGO also prepared exquisite tea breaks and snacks for enthusiastic new and old friends to show their sincere welcome. The atmosphere at the booth was relaxed and comfortable, and the industry colleagues gathered together to talk about the industry dynamics and future trends.

This exhibition not only focuses on the latest performance enhancement and technological breakthroughs of the HIGO brand but also deeply highlights its strong R&D strength and industry influence.

Leading the Digital Intelligence "Display" Innovation

HIGO's high-end smart display brand, HIGO, takes the smart instrument as its strategic starting point, focusing on the R&D, design, manufacturing, and sales of the smart instrument and its supporting accessories for lightweight electric vehicles, and providing customized, scenario-based, and systematic solutions for global customers.

Facing the continuous wave of innovation in the two-wheeled vehicle industry, HIGO conducts in-depth market research at the early stage of the project, focuses on user pain points, and at the same time rigorously pursues the quality of the product, and focuses on the key issues of [embedded hidden wiring harness in the standpipe] [taking into account the small and lightweight to adapt to the customer's demand for compactness and portability] [high-definition and high hardness glass] [IPX7 waterproofing] [sensitive and accurate touch feedback] [high brightness visibility] etc., to effectively improve the user experience, which triggers the visitors to the exhibition. Practically improve the user experience, triggering extensive attention and high appreciation from the customers visiting the exhibition.

In addition, HIGO also attaches great importance to the innovative research and development of instrument accessories. We aim to provide customers with an integrated instrument system service program to meet their diversified needs. Customers can freely select and flexibly combine various accessories based on their specific application scenarios, to realize the purpose of quick construction and precise optimization.

Looking to the future, HIGO will continue to adhere to the path of technological innovation, to build a global enterprise that combines wisdom, ideals, and vitality, and to provide products and services that exceed customers' expectations. Here, we sincerely look forward to meeting you at 2025 CHINA CYCLE to embark on a new green journey together!

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