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HIGO will provide you with the relevant services covered by these Terms of Use in accordance with the following agreement. Please read these Terms carefully before using HIGO services. By submitting your personal information in the process of becoming a user of HIGO, you indicate that you have carefully read and expressly agree to abide by and be bound by these Terms. By using or continuing to use our services, you consent to the collection, use, storage and sharing of your information in accordance with this User Service and Privacy Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement").

I. Scope of Collection of Personal Information

When you use HIGO services, you will provide some information to us voluntarily, and you agree and permit us to collect some of your information in order to provide services to you.

The scope of information we collect mainly includes:

1. In order to comply with the requirements of laws and regulations, as well as based on the reasonable need to provide services and improve the quality of services, we need to identify you. You may have to provide us with some personal identification information, such as name, cell phone number, e-mail address, etc.

2、In addition to the above information, we collect other information about you for the purpose of providing you with more personalized and convenient services, including but not limited to age, date of birth, occupation, assets and so on.

When you visit HIGO website, we may record information related to your operation and log information related to HIGO services, which can help us provide you with accurate services and better protect your account security.

Protection and Storage of Personal Information

In order to maintain the accuracy of data, prevent unauthorized intrusion and ensure the correct use of personal information, HIGO has taken appropriate management measures to protect the confidentiality of personal information collected on the website.HIGO has adopted security technology measures to protect data, established strict rules and regulations on the storage and use of information, and also adopted strict management of the personnel who may have access to your information.

Statement of Liability to Third Parties

HIGO may link to the websites of partners with whom HIGO cooperates (collectively referred to as "Third Party Websites") for the purpose of providing services. This Agreement does not apply to these Third Party Sites because they are not under the control of HIGO. If you use the links provided by HIGO to visit the Third Party Sites, the operators of these sites may collect your personal information, and HIGO makes every effort to ensure that all linked Third Party Sites utilize the same measures to protect your personal information, but HIGO does not assume any legal or other responsibility for the activities, privacy policies, or the level of privacy protection on these Third Party Sites.

Legal Effect

1、Users using the services of this website shall be regarded as having read this agreement and accepting the constraints of this agreement.

2, the title of all the terms of this agreement only for the convenience of reading, itself does not have the actual meaning, can not be used as the basis for the interpretation of the meaning of this agreement.

3, the terms of this agreement for whatever reason part of the invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the terms are still valid and binding on both parties.

V. Application of Laws and Dispute Resolution

1, the establishment, entry into force, fulfillment, interpretation and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People's Republic of China (excluding conflict of laws), and if there is no relevant legal provision, reference shall be made to the general international business practices and/or industry practices.

2. In the course of the fulfillment of this Agreement, if any dispute arises, it shall be resolved through consultation. If consultation fails, all shall be submitted to the Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules of the Commission. The arbitration award shall be final and binding on both parties.


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