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On May 10th, the much-anticipated Asia Forestry Equipment, Gardening Machinery, and Gardening Tools Exhibition kicked off as scheduled, and HIGO, as the leader in waterproof connectors, presented the latest waterproof connection technology at the exhibition, empowering the development of the green industry with the light of scientific and technological innovation.

In the face of the rapid iteration of garden machinery and equipment, HIGO has actively engaged in market research at the beginning of the project, precisely locking the demand for pain points, focusing on [accidental anti-dislodgement locking] [continuous and stable charging and discharging] [outdoor complex environment adaptation] and other major difficulties to attack, aiming to optimize the user experience from the root, and gained the unanimous praise of the customers who visited the exhibition.

At the exhibition site, HIGO engineers analyzed the functional characteristics of the products for each visiting customer and provided targeted and feasible suggestions based on the needs of specific use scenarios, and the atmosphere at the site was cordial and harmonious.

HIGO's rich product lineup undoubtedly injected a strong green power into the exhibition, which also demonstrated its profound brand heritage and R&D strength, HIGO is looking forward to working together with colleagues in the industry to continue to use technological innovation as an engine to provide products that exceed customers' expectations.

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