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The Entrepreneur's Journey under Adversity -- Zhejiang University MBA HIGO Visiting study

The entrepreneur's journey under adversity -- Zhejiang University MBA HIGO Visiting study

On October 28, 2023, the "Entrepreneur's Journey under Adversity Series 1 - Zhejiang University MBA HIGO Visiting Study" conference was successfully held in HIGO Technology (Suzhou) Co., LTD.

一、Wonderful review of activities

01 What should entrepreneurs do in the face of uncertain environment

"The dynamic, unknown and uncertain world determines our meaning", this is Mr. Yin Yasheng's understanding of the uncertain environment, and from the four perspectives of "history, development, macro and concrete" to think and interpret the uncertain environment today.

He believes that in the face of market changes and competition, entrepreneurs need to have a high degree of adaptability, rich knowledge reserves and good spirits that can be inherited, maintain an optimistic and positive attitude and great enthusiasm to adapt to the changing market.

Entrepreneurship is a brave choice and commitment, but also a continuous pursuit and practice.

Mr. Yin Yasheng stated that in an uncertain environment, a good enterprise should conform to the national strategy and the development trend of the industry, and emphasized the need to build HIGO into a company that can provide a better lifestyle to face the challenges and opportunities of the market.

02 The way of business management under adversity

Ms. Zhang Jing believes that a person's success, IQ, EQ, inverse quotient three factors are indispensable, the importance of inverse quotient is self-evident.

As entrepreneurs, how should we adjust our mentality and emotions?

First, it is necessary to clarify personal goals and beliefs or behaviors.

Second, to have reflective beliefs and to be able to calmly assess situations and situations;

Third, examine your own events to analyze the reasons for your difficulties.

Therefore, improving anti-vulnerability, cultivating growth thinking, and taking positive and confident actions are the business management methods for entrepreneurs to turn around difficulties in adversity.

03 The cultivation path of entrepreneurs under uncertain environment

Huang Weize, a teacher from Xi 'an Jiaotliverpool University, said that the intuitive feeling of uncertainty comes from anxiety and fear of the unknown, while the uncertainty of the new era is often the result of the emergence of new technologies.

So, how should entrepreneurs face uncertain environmental changes?

Based on the framework of "strategic decision logic under uncertainty", he pointed out that entrepreneurs need to organically combine internal and external cultivation: at the level of consciousness, we need to improve our minds and maintain a positive attitude.

Among them, he believes that the cultivation of Resilience is the key, and lists relevant measures and programs.

At the action level, there are two kinds of ideas To choose from: one is To shape - to reshape the value chain and lead the market direction;

The second is To increase tonnage (To adapt) - to diversify investment, to accumulate knowledge through low-cost trial and error, and to pursue after aiming.

In short, entrepreneurs in the case of uncertainty can not escape, the key is to believe that they have the ability to change the status quo, so as to take the initiative to embrace change.

04 "Paradigm inflection point" encounters political and economic "fog zone"

Mr. Chen Jian has been deeply in the field of industry for many years, in the new paradigm and new turning point, he suggested that enterprises need to launch a diversified brand strategy to realize the growth value brought by the real brand, and develop new products and new applications to meet the new needs of new customers.

In addition, encountering today's political and economic "fog zone", he pointed out that enterprises also need to improve the quality of equipment efficiency, market cost reduction and efficiency, which can have a huge role in promoting the high-quality development of enterprises.

Finally, Mr. Chen Jian discussed with the participants two thinking questions - "How to jump out of the comfort zone of the team" and "how to develop the" Red Sea "market to avoid or reduce detdetments", and jointly explore the enterprise in the uncertain environment of certain opportunities.

05 The survival of small and medium-sized enterprises

Mr. Xu Mengzhe first emphasized that under the background of the information age, facing the uncertainty of various resources such as industry, market and talent, strengthening the tax compliance management of enterprises and making good use of preferential tax policies are the survival methods of all small and medium-sized enterprises.

First, enterprises can carry out compliance tax rebates according to relevant national policies;

Second, enterprises need to do a good job of compliance tax treatment to ensure the legitimacy and standardization of enterprises;

Third, enterprises can achieve more efficient employment management through flexible employment mode;

Fourth, enterprises should actively build a process-based network digitization system to realize the dynamic information management of enterprise technological innovation activities.

二、 Wonderful summary of activities

In the past three years, the global economic development has been affected by the epidemic and other factors, and at the same time, the market operation, business cooperation between enterprises, People's Daily travel have brought a lot of inconvenience, and entrepreneurs have become particularly difficult during this period.

In the year of full recovery and the future, each entrepreneur led the team as always with a rigorous attitude, with an open mind to face the uncertainty of the environment, with positive actions to meet challenges, overcome difficulties, solid development of every product, conscientious service to every customer, do a good job in every delivery.

We also firmly believe that they will give full play to the strength accumulated in the past three years, and will certainly lead the team to write a new chapter!

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