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Innovative Intelligent Connectivity Solution Leads High-Speed Motorcycle Race Tracks

The 21st China International Motorcycle Expo has been successfully held on September 15-18, 2023 at Chongqing International Expo Center.

As one of the global motorcycle expositions, this year's show, with the theme of "Leading the Development of the Industry and Creating a Better Future", advocates the development direction of "Electrification, Intelligent, and Internet Connectivity", and the total scale of the show reaches 160,000 square meters, covering the whole motorcycle industry chain and comprehensively aggregating high-quality resources.

01 Wonderful appearance and diversified display

Under the background of "dual-carbon", electric motorcycle has become more people's choice of traveling by virtue of its high efficiency, environmental protection and other advantages.

In addition to the "mobility tool attribute", the "fun attribute", which focuses on sports, leisure and entertainment, has gradually become the mainstream consumption trend of electric motorcycles.

As a benchmark company in the industry, HIGO Group presented a wide range of high-quality, professional and innovative connector solutions.

S1340, capable of carrying 100A large load current, the established dual side rail assistance makes plugging and unplugging more labor-saving, while the IP67 waterproof performance and secondary locking design provide better safety for electric motorcycles.

Through this exhibition, the HIGO Group demonstrated its industry-leading technology accumulation and latest achievements to the whole industry, and continued to promote the comprehensive breakthrough from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing", helping many motorcycle enthusiasts to achieve the ultimate in every ride.

02 Creating Cooperation for a Better Future

The booth was crowded and the atmosphere was warm.

The HIGO booth attracted new and old partners to visit and negotiate. The HIGO team received the visitors with enthusiasm and started technical discussions with professional explanations, which made the visitors affirm the cutting-edge and leading-edge technology of HIGO's intelligent connectivity products and revealed their willingness for in-depth cooperation.

03 Leading the World with Digital Intelligence

The 4-day China International Motorcycle Expo has come to a successful end, HIGO based on the forward-looking layout of the intelligent transformation strategy, to lead the industrial upgrading of scientific and technological innovation, so that the world to witness the quality of China, in the field of the world to obtain recognition.

In the future, HIGO will continue to strengthen product R&D and innovation capabilities, increase the construction of innovative development system, focus on technological advances, and provide scientific and technological support for the innovative development of the industry!

We look forward to seeing you again at CIMAMotor 2024!

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