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On July 25th, 2023, the second meeting of the drafting working group for the recommended national standard GB/T 26846 "Lead wires and connectors for motors and controllers for electric bicycles" organized by National Bicycle Standardization Technical Committee was successfully held in HIGO (Suzhou) Co.


At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Yin Yasheng, General Manager of HIGO (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. expressed his warm welcome to the participating experts.

He pointed out that industry standardization is a long-term and fundamental work, and HIGO, as a member of the industry, will actively participate in domestic and international standardization activities, strengthen supervision and management within the enterprise, and make efforts to undertake the task of standardization and revision.

Mr. Jia Gang, Director of Technical Standards Department of China Bicycle Association, on behalf of the participating experts, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the organizer of this meeting, HIGO (Suzhou) Co.
He introduced the recent industry standardization work, and said that since the industry entered the "14th Five-Year Plan", it has accelerated the interactive development of standardization and scientific and technological innovation, and the level of industrial standardization has been improved significantly, and he hoped that the industry enterprises can continue to pay attention to and actively participate in domestic and international standardization work, and strive for a greater international standard of discourse.

02 Problem Seminar

The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Luo Kui, Technical Director of HIGO (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Mr. Li Fanghong of Shanghai Xiedian Technology Service Co.

The experts discussed the verification of the test items proposed in the first meeting of the Drafting Working Group and the requirements and test methods of the additional items such as the lead-in line performance and the insulation performance of the connectors. After the meeting, the Drafting Working Group will verify some of the technical parameters in accordance with the requirements of the meeting and the opinions of the experts, and form the draft for comments as soon as possible.

03 Summary of the meeting

Mr. Yu Shiguang, deputy director of National Bicycle Standardization Technical Committee, pointed out in the summary of the meeting that the standard is a product standard, which needs to be coordinated with the existing national standards and technical requirements of industry standards, and requires the provisions to be set up in a scientific, reasonable, advanced and operable manner. It is hoped that the drafting working group will do a good job in verifying and testing the changes and new parameters, and complete the standard drafting work on time.

04 Visit Exchange

After the meeting, Mr. Zhang Zhiwei, Deputy General Manager of HIGO (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. led the experts to visit the HIGO showroom and laboratory, so that they could have a visual understanding of HIGO's intelligent connectivity and smart meter solutions.

05 Session Focus

This meeting, further emphasized the importance of standardization in the industrial structure.

Participation in the formulation and revision of standards is an effective barrier to the formation of enterprise self-development, enterprises should actively participate in the standard communication and development, in order to understand and master the international and domestic standard information in the industry field in a timely manner, to promote their own advantageous technology, and to lead the direction of industrial development.

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