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Talent Training


Higo understands the importance of talent cultivation to the development of an enterprise.


In terms of talent recruitment and cultivation, the company regularly conducts campus recruitment in nationally renowned universities and colleges to attract outstanding talents from various universities and colleges.And carry out scientific training mode, promote employees to have multi-post, cross-functional and cross-industry experience, constantly optimize the matching degree between people and posts, people and team, and people and organization, improve the structure and level of the team, and thereby maintain the passion and vitality of the team.


In terms of the management team, Higo conducts weekly internal training, which covers variousknowledge of the workplace and helps middle managers strengthen their professional skills.At the same time, regular league building activities are held to enhance the tacit understanding and cohesion of the team, and to tap the potential of each person;Talent management is promoted by strategy, starting from the needs of strategy and organizational development, and forms differentiated management mode for different talent groups, forming a management loop of talent standard, planning, selection, cultivation, use and reservation.




Higo helps all employees set up correct career goals by conveying the concepts of "persistence, persistence" and "confidence, challenge" to the employees, so as to improve their own height while accompanying the development of the enterprise.


In the 21st century, the global environment is changing with each passing day. Opportunities and difficulties coexist. However, opportunities are for those who are prepared.


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