The 2020 annual meeting was successfully held.


On January 11 and 18, the 2020 New Year Meeting of Changshu and Yancheng Higo and the 2019 Employee Recognition Conference kicked off! Nearly 1,300 people, including all employees, suppliers, relatives and friends of Changshu Higo and Yancheng Higo attended the party in two sessions.

At the beginning of the annual meeting, General Manager Yin Yasheng made a summary of 2019 and looked forward to 2020. In 2019, each center upholds the attitude of “pragmatism, persistence, brotherhood, responsibility, breakthrough, and leap”, which has enabled the company to make a qualitative leap. In the summary process, Mr Yin also especially pointed out the core competitiveness of Higo and the service experience our products brought to partners and users.

At this annual meeting, special honor certificates and bonuses were awarded to department employees and teams who achieved outstanding results in 2019, which is aimed to encourage them to stay true to their original aspirations in 2020 and make persistent efforts to create outstanding results.

In addition to all kinds of delicious dishes, the wonderful programs in the annual meeting is of course also indispensable. The literary and artistic feast prepared and performed by people in Higo is diverse and brilliant, which demonstrates the wisdom and infinite creativity of the Higo family. At the banquet, there were not only elegant and moving folk dances, but also sketches composed and performed by the Higo family. The whole dinner was a feast of food and audio-visual. Various lottery sessions and opulent gifts have pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

In a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere ,The entire annual meeting came to a successful conclusion, showing the energetic, positive, united and enterprising spirit of the employees. Looking back on 2019, we work together, work hard, and harvest together; looking forward to 2020, we have the same goal and are full of confidence, and we look forward to the brighter future of Higo.

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