The 2020 “Spark Program”, a training for graduate is a complete success!


"Spark" boosts combustion which is expected to "kindle a prairie fire". On July 7, 2020, 58 students from all over the country joined the big family of Higo and started the new phase of star cultivation "Spark program".


"Spark Program" aims to provide certain help for college students when they first enter the company, speed up their understanding of the company, quickly adapt to the workplace life, and build a vigorous, solid hard work, excellent quality team. Build an excellent team that is vigorous, hard-working, and highly qualified.

This training is divided into three stages: integration stage, exploration stage and discovery stage, which includes general education course study, production line rotation study and internal rotation practicing in various departments. During the period of 3 months, graduates received a series of trainings and challenges to help them know themselves clearly and break through themselves in the attempts.


On September 28, they ushered in the graduation ceremony for new members. In the graduation report, each of them made a comprehensive summary of their work, life, and study during the internship, calmly told about their experience and gains during these days in Higo. Besides, they presented some Suggestions on work, and make an outlook on their future career plan.


Finally, Our general manager-Mr. Yin said in his conclusion that the rapid development of Higo cannot be separated from the influx of new vitality of the new generation. There are infinite possibilities waiting for us to create in the future, and there are also many difficulties and challenges in the way. Born at the right time, such heavy responsibility lies on your shoulders. I hope that every new star in Higo, a big stage where you can show your talents, will be full of vitality and devote yourself to the work in the department.

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