Global Electric Bicycle Connector Development Prospects Are Optimistic


  In 2015, singer Katie Meluha told us that Beijing has 9 million bicycles, which is equivalent to one bicycle for every 2.4 residents in the Chinese capital, before the advent of electric bicycles. China's current market is even larger. Bike Battery connector manufacturer shares with you.

  There are two types of electric bicycles. The simplest form is a pedal electric bicycle (PEDEIC), which uses a traditional pedal to activate an auxiliary motor to propel the bicycle. Other electric bicycles, electric scooters, and motorcycles do not require pedals for cyclists, and their controls (such as retarder valves) are placed on the handlebars.

  Pedal electric bicycles are the most common type of electric bicycle and are commonly used in daily life; speed pedal bicycles and electric mountain bikes were developed for the sports market.

  It is expected that from 2017 to 2027, as the growth rate of electric scooters and motorcycles slows down, the demand for pedal electric bicycles will grow at a rate of 3.2%. China is the world's largest exporter of non-pedal electric bicycles. It is estimated that from 2017 to 2027, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of China's electric bicycles will reach 3.1%, and by 2027 it will reach more than 27 billion US dollars.

  Professional companies are emerging for the e-bike market and advocating for the e-bike revolution. Elaine Wickham, manager of the British electric bike company, believes that pedal bikes will become obsolete because electric bikes allow more people to ride longer distances. She noted that control and manipulation skills are also required for speed and mountain bikes.

  The e-bike revolution has taken many cities by surprise, and governments are still enacting legislation to regulate the safe speed and suitable riding locations of these turbocharged bicycles. In the 28 EU countries, electric bicycles have a speed limit of 15.5 miles per hour (30 kilometers per hour), and it is illegal to change the throttle to increase the speed of electric bicycles on the road.

  The British government has defined electric-assisted pedal-assisted bicycles as bicycles with pedals and a maximum 250 W motor, allowing them to travel on bicycle paths and any road or area where pedal bicycles are allowed.

      Franky Vanlerberghe, CEO of A & C Solutions, said pedal-electric bikes are very popular among Belgian commuters. The Netherlands is famous for its flat terrain and love of bicycles. There are many bicycle-only cities, and in Copenhagen, renting a bicycle and traveling around the city is especially easy. The biggest challenge, he said, is how to make the road suitable for so many cyclists.

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