The second phase of the “Eagle Project” training project has been successfully completed!



In order to undertake the talent training target of the "Eagle Project", from July 8 to September 17, 2019, Higo Human Resources Department lasted 72 days and launched the strategic goal of providing talent reserve protection.



The "Eagle Project" project is the basic stage in the talent development system. The outstanding students of the "Campus" to "Higo Struggle" period are the core training objectives, aiming at the short-term high-intensity centralized training and follow-up three. Month's systematic and hybrid continuous tracking management accelerates its rapid growth while completing the selection of high-potential new forces.


In 2019, the “Eagle Project” college students’ training centered on the two key words of “experience and innovation” and focused on the following two training objectives:

  1. Learn and master the basic mentality, literacy and skills of the workplace, and realize the transition from “campus people” to “workplace people”;
  2. Learn and master the value concept of Higo and the spirit of “Higo Struggle” to realize the transition from “worker” to “Higo Struggle”.


On July 8th, 2019, Higo Electric's 2019 "Eagle Project" second phase of college student entrance training was officially launched. 23 fresh graduates from nine universities participated in the seminar, from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. And other key universities.


The training is in the form of high-intensity training for nearly three months. The training covers physical exercise, theme training, development practice, and professional experience in the “research-production-sales” sections. The course is professional, novel, and form. Diverse.



On September 17, 2019, the second phase of the “Eagle Project” training for college students was successfully completed, and a training ceremony was held. The two-part batch was divided into 72-day training summary scores.


The members of the first batch of review teams are: General Manager Yin General, and the first-level supervisors of the R&D Center;


The members of the second critical review team are: Dai Director, Director Yang, Director Lu, Director Lai, Management Center, Level 1 Director of Manufacturing Center and above management personnel.



Each college student's passion speaks about the experience he has gained in the past three months, and proposes some company suggestions and improvements in terms of working time, process and cost. In this training, the trainees emphasized responsibility and responsibility, team and competition, while paying attention to the application of knowledge and skills, the cultivation of the culture and the experience of work, and the cultivation of awareness and mentality. Each student achieved remarkable training results and won unanimous praise from the company's leaders and participants.


Finally, Yin Yasheng, general manager of Higo, made this training summary. sunny, head of the Human Resources Department, first of all, on behalf of the leaders, expressed their gratitude to all the new employees for 72 days of hard work, and pointed out that this training is effectively expanding, extending and innovating on the basis of the overall plan, with strong pertinence and Effectiveness, in terms of project planning, organization and implementation, and evaluation and summary, all achieved the company's expected goals, and fully affirmed this training. Then, Mr. Yin set out the basic characteristics of the three aspects of establishing the ideals and beliefs, persisting in innovation and pragmatism, and pursuing the pursuit of the cause, and required all new employees to grasp the company's characteristics, meet the requirements of the company, improve their self-requirements, and keep up with the company. Rhythm, achieving rapid growth. Finally, General Manager wished all college students to achieve success and success in their future work!



The second phase of the student training of “Eagle Project” was successfully completed, but the new journey has just begun. Dreaming for the horse, not to bear the brilliance! All the trainees remembered General manager’s teachings, vowed to use passion and sweat to water the youth, reward the company with talent and dedication, and build a great cause with the company with loyalty and performance!



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