The first internship training session ended perfectly


April 25, 2019, The trainees from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, University Of South China and Henan Polytechnic University Attended the training session of Higo. General manager Mr. Yin together with the department heads and the trainee tutors, attended the training meeting, It also evaluates the students 'graduation speech.


Mr. Yin opened the speech first,He puts forward four Suggestions for trainees: Valuing time, responsibility, curiosity and having goals. Afterwards, Mr.huo, director of the manufacturing center,,with Ms.zhang, HR manager, announced the meeting process and matters needing attention, as well as the vision for the trainees. The trainees reported their work summary and impressions in the past two months.



For the two months ,the trainees need talents and experience of work urgently, preparing for the future . From the beginning of team building, students open their inhibitions, get to know their teammates, work together and strive for a common goal. The process is naturally difficult, but every trainees is full of confidence and overcome difficulty.I believe these young blood will shine in HIGO in the future!



After the training,Higo served the dinner, Wish these trainees have better development in the future, and grow together with the company, and constantly break through themselves!



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