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Manufacturing Capability


Since its establishment in 2008, Higo has been growing rapidly every moment, from a few people at the beginning to more than 2000 employees at present. At present, the company has two major production bases in Suzhou and Yancheng, China, covering a total area of 36,000 square meters, with an annual output of 50 million PCS.


Higo has invested heavily in the further automation of its production lines and plans to take full control of its entire manufacturing supply chain. we intends to incorporate all connector related production processes, starting from the inhouse production of its own cables, tooling and the single-handedly turning of contacts until the complete assembly of connectors. By doing this, Higo becomes the only full service connector manufacturer in the E-bike market.


Meanwhile, Higo has obtained iso9001:2015 quality system certification, and is also promoting IATF16949 quality management system, which is expected to be completed in 2020.


A scientifically sound system is of great significance to Higo, such as Michael porter's theory of competitive strategy, which has an important point of total cost leadership.For users, they perceive the price rather than the cost. Therefore, the cost control ability of enterprises leads the competition in total cost, which is also one of the basic capabilities of enterprises to create value for users. Therefore, Higo is always trying to improve, in order to create a perfect and excellent manufacturing system.



In terms of personnel, the company strictly screens the recruitment of front-line employees, conducts training after entry, and regularly arranges training and assessment to ensure the efficiency and quality of production.


In terms of the management team, efforts should be made to train professional knowledge, management ability and collaboration quality, and provide all-round assistance to personnel.


In addition, Higo adopts a scientific system for quality control. From system planning to raw material control to quality control tracking, every step is to ensure that every process of production meets the design and manufacturing standards.


What's the difference between 99 degrees and 100 degrees?On the surface is a degree of difference, in essence is the difference between warm water and boiling water, for enterprises, is the difference between ordinary and excellent;Higo subsoil in the connector industry, after years of research and development extraordinary dedication and devotion, won unanimous recognition, has been in the product industry for Higo, both in research and development and equipment innovation investment is not the most valuable, for the product focus, the desire for unknown is the core competitiveness, "don't forget to beginner's mind, party always" the sea solid people, with the same spirit of builders focus on better products!


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