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We encourage, inspire and motivate every employee to unleash their potential and fulfill our mission and strategy in meaningful ways.We support career development throughout the organization and actively foster a culture that embraces diversity, encourages inclusion and values participation.In higo our team work together to promote the development of the company.

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Marketing center foreign trade sales manager
Work experience: 3-5 years education: bachelor's degree age: 20-35 years old 1 person
1. European market customer development, maintenance and management;
2. Develop sales strategies and action plans according to the company's business objectives and indicators, and actively develop overseas markets to achieve business objectives;
3. Timely follow up the collection of receivables to ensure the timely and accurate collection;
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or related field;
2. Fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing, able to communicate with foreign customers skillfully (telephone communication, E-mail communication, online communication)
3. Familiar with foreign trade business process, able to independently develop customers and expand new sales channels, good language expression and business negotiation skills, service awareness and teamwork spirit;
3. Experience in manufacturing or electronics industry is preferred;
4. Can accept irregular business trips in Europe;
(note: if you have a science and engineering background and have some sales promotion experience, you can lower the requirement of foreign language ability.Overseas allowance (additional)
Automation electrical engineer in engineering department
Work experience: 3-5 years education background: junior college number: 1 person
Job description:
1. Implement the work plan and management system formulated by the supervisor of engineering department
2. Cooperate with mechanical engineers to complete the project according to the process characteristics of the factory
3. Follow up and control the implementation progress of the project to make it complete on time and on schedule
Job requirements:
1. Proficient in designing and making circuit control cabinet
2. Proficient in PLC programming, communication and touch screen programming (visual control programming is preferred)
Assistant engineer of terminal manufacturing department (Yancheng/Xiangshui County)
Work experience: 1-3 years education background: technical secondary school number: 1 person
Job description:
1. Skilled operation of machine;
2. Grinding tools (including groove tools, cutting tools, hook tools, R Angle tools, etc.) and drill bits;
3. Install tools, drill bits and debug;
4. Simple troubleshooting;
5. Disassembly and maintenance of simple mechanism;
Job requirements:
1. Knife sharpening and product debugging independently are preferred
2. CAM automatic lathe processing experience is preferred;
3. Processing copper terminals is preferred;
Terminal manufacturing department scheming engineer (Yancheng/Xiangshui County)
Work experience: more than 5 years education background: technical secondary school number: 1 person
Job description:
1. Grinding tools (including groove tools, cutting tools, hook tools, R Angle tools, etc.) and drill bits;
2. Install cutter, drill bit and debug;
3. Troubleshooting of machine;
4. Disassembly and maintenance of the machine;
5. Switch over the material number production of the replacement machine;
6. CAM design.
Job requirements:
1. 20-40 years old, more than 5 years of experience in processing CAM (CG1107 and equivalent series);
2. Able to skillfully read drawings, independently complete the turning over of CAM machine and product debugging;
3. Can independently complete machine tool repair and maintenance;
4. Connector pin and hole processing experience is preferred;
5. Night shift is preferred.
Engineering department non-standard mechanical design engineer
Work experience: more than 3 years education background: college degree or above number: 1 person
Job description:
1. Independently designed non-standard equipment and fixtures according to the in-plant process requirements, issued 3D and 2D processing drawings, and improved the processing stability and efficiency of in-plant processes;
2. According to the requirements of product structure, can independently complete the documents and design drawings required by each stage according to the development process of new mold/fixture;
3. Responsible for the trial-production and bottom-testing of molds/fixtures, and provide technical support for the transfer of molds to mass production;
4. Follow up and control the project implementation progress, and complete the work tasks on time and according to the quantity;
5. Cooperate with the company to carry out the department talent team training plan;
6. Implement the work plan assigned by the supervisor of other departments.
Job requirements:
1. Proficient in CAD, SOLIDWORKS and other 2d and 3d software;
2. More than 3 years experience in non-standard equipment project development
Marketing management department merchandiser
Work experience: 1-2 years education background: bachelor number: 2
Job description:
1. Assist sales engineer to complete sales tasks;
2. Summarized the information related to orders and communicated effectively with PMC;
3. Deal with related documents of ERP system entry of sales orders;
4. Follow up the production order completion time, summarize the order completion status, ensure the delivery rate, and make import and export documents.
Job requirements:
1. Good English reading and writing ability;
2. More than one year's merchandising experience in electronic manufacturing industry;
3. Good communication and coordination skills;
4. Proficient in office software;
5. International trade related excellent graduates are also welcome.
SQE Engineer
Work experience: more than 3 years education background: junior college number: 1 person
Job description:
1. Responsible for the development and guidance of new suppliers;
2. Responsible for annual supplier audit;
3. Responsible for daily on-site audit and guidance of suppliers;
4. Responsible for supplier process capability improvement;
5. Responsible for the abnormal confirmation and handling (raw material) of suppliers involved in the factory and customer complaints.
6. Responsible for the audit of supplier 8D report and tracking the improvement effect;
7. Responsible for supplier's sample recognition.
Job requirements:
1. SQE working experience in wiring harness industry is preferred.
2. Familiar with the seven methods of QC.
3. Be able to travel.
The Financial Manager
Work experience: above 5 years education background: bachelor number: 1 person
1. Responsible for the general ledger, organized various accounting work according to regulations, prepared and reported various financial statements on time, and ensured timely and accurate reflection of the company's financial status and operating results.
2. Conducted regular financial statement analysis and cost accounting analysis to provide detailed basis for the company's operation and management decisions.
3. Provide financial data to relevant departments and provide financial data for enterprise budget management.
4. According to the company's annual business summary plan, organize the preparation of financial income, expenditure, cost and other summary plans.
5. Make tax declaration and payment according to national tax laws and regulations.
6. Assisted project personnel in financial analysis and risk control.
7. Maintain and coordinate the company's good relations with banking, industry and commerce, tax authorities and other institutions, and maintain the company's business interests.
1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, finance, finance and economics.
2. More than 5 years of financial management experience.
3. Familiar with knowledge of finance, accounting and finance, familiar with relevant laws and regulations of finance and taxation and working process of financial internal control system, and familiar with the use of financial software.
4. Strong ability of cost management, risk control and financial analysis.
5. Mature, prudent and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility and confidentiality, loyal to professional ethics.
6. Good communication and expression skills, teamwork spirit, strong ability to work under pressure.
Purchasing Engineer
Work experience: 1-2 years education background: junior college number: 2
Job description:
1. Responsible for the development and price negotiation of new suppliers;
2. Responsible for sample preparation and technical business negotiation of new suppliers;
3. Responsible for supplier audit, guidance, performance assessment and agreement signing;
4. Responsible for new project material and mold purchase, material quality exception handling;
5. Responsible for the purchase of tooling and fixture equipment;
6. Responsible for supplier reconciliation and payment request, invoice tracking, report making and system data maintenance;
Job requirements:
1. Good business negotiation and analysis skills.
2. Familiar with purchasing process, cost, logistics and warehousing process is preferred.
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