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Higo was founded in 2010, focusing on connector design and manufacturing, providing customized design and electrical connector solutions for mechanical and electrical equipment.

Higo connector is mainly used in light transportation, new energy and Marine engineering.As the earliest domestic enterprise engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of waterproof connectors for light transportation products, Higo has accumulated rich experience after years of development, and won the trust of thousands of customers in more than 20 countries around the world with professional technology, high-quality products and excellent service. Currently, Higo leads the premium market share rankings.


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R&D Ability

Higo has an experienced and dynamic research and development team, all of whom have the world's first-class automotive wiring harness development industry experience, rich knowledge, and can solve a variety of complex needs; As for products, Higo has been thinking from the perspective of customers and innovating products with advanced perspective...


Manufacturing Capability

Since its establishment in 2010, Higo has been growing rapidly every moment, from a few people at the beginning to more than 800 employees at present. At present, the company has two major production bases in Suzhou and Yancheng, China, covering a total area of 36,000 square meters, with an annual output of 50 million PCS. Higo has invested heavily in the further automation of its production lines and plans to take full control of its entire manufacturing supply chain...


Talent Training

Higo understands the importance of talent cultivation to the development of an enterprise.
In terms of talent recruitment and cultivation, the company regularly conducts campus recruitment in nationally renowned universities and colleges to attract outstanding talents from various universities and colleges.And carry out scientific training mode, promote employees to have multi-post, cross-functional and cross-industry experience ...


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