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Founded in 2008, HIGO is headquartered in Suzhou New High-speed Railway City, Jiangsu Province.The group is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of new energy vehicles, special connectors, electronic connectors for Marine engineering and wiring harness connection systems.HIGO is the world's first and largest r&d manufacturer of electronic connectors and wiring harness systems for light new energy vehicles. After years of development, HIGO has customers all over the world and its products have a leading market share in the middle and high-end markets.



HIGO currently has a r&d and operation headquarters in Suzhou, a manufacturing base in Changshu and Yancheng, a Taiwan branch in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and a German branch in Frankfurt, Germany. With more than 2,000 employees, haigu technology has seen its business revenue double for 7 consecutive years, with a fast and steady development momentum.


"Content with the four seas, solid and even the world," professional, young, solid people forge ahead of the HIGO, let different ideas and creativity in the explosion, we encourage, inspire and encourage each member to release potential, each of us see this as a concept in the execution, the ideas into technology, technology popularization to life, in the next decade the solid will create a better future!



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